It was a gloomy drive north up the east cost of the South Island. I drive past this iconic little crayfish hut every year. It sits alone just out of Kaikoura – their way of life around here seems to move at its own very slow pace. Looks like the fisherman had a sleep in this day.

Changing times

Hi all

I have found myself a little tied up with different photography ventures lately and it’s been hard finding time to post blogs. I’m going to be making some changes to my website over the next few months reflecting developments in my work. I will start posting an image every now and then with a little description/story so check back regularly to see what’s been going on.

Since my last post there has been a few things happening. I have a new position as Photo Editor and New Zealand Editor at Transfer magazine. I’m a finalist in the New Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year competition, one of the first competitions I have entered, so I might start doing that more often.

I have also been putting time in to a personal project that I will hopefully be happy with and finish one day, and I just got back from an amazing Heli trip into Isobel Glacier where we camped for a night on the glacier.

Now I’m hitting the road and heading north for a while. Don’t you love this time of the year, sun on your face,  and fresh summer scents in the air.

Nick Hyne – one of the biggest storms in the last 30 odd years hit Queenstown this last winter. I took this portrait of Nick while we were out exploring a different looking Queenstown.

Pushing for Results

There is always a lot going on in Queenstown at this time of the year. It’s the competition month and lots of international crew come in for a few weeks to compete and check out what NZ has to offer. Unfortunately we haven’t had fresh snow in a few weeks and a few of my jobs have had to be called off. There has still been plenty of work though and we have been pushing to get results. The forecast is looking brighter for next week and I’m looking forward to spending some time in the wilderness.


A shot of me getting extreme, with Queenstown in the background. It was an amazing day and I knew where to find the good snow. We had pretty amazing conditions compared to anywhere in this zone.

 gost time exposure queenstown

When I find time I like to experiment and shoot lots of arty stuff. This frame is exposed over about 20 minutes as the earth turned creating a stream from the stars.

vaughan brookfield

If you live in Sydney please go and check this out next week. The exhibition is on in Bondi. I think the gallery will be open for around six weeks. I’ll have a few images on the walls.

This is Nick Brown. He grew up just around the corner from me in Havelock North and we used to go surfing together as groms before we had even got into snowboarding. He fast became a well known name in the industry as one of the top riders. I have spent a good chunk of time travelling different parts of the world and more often than not Browner is doing the same.

nick brown snowboarder

Below is a shot that didn’t go to print but I think is worthy of being pubished. Nick charging a pretty decent cliff in the Washington backcountry.

nick brown snowboarder

Mons Royale

I recently got sent some Mons Royale gear from Hamish Acland. He owns and runs the show for Mons and he is doing a bloody good job of it. Their gear is great and keeps me warm when I’m out shooting.

So we shot a few images with Tera and Meesh in the gears last week. Below is a sneak peak. Hope you like them.

mons royale terra lynn labadie

Model- Terra Lynn Labadie.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

mons royale meesh batchelor

Model- Meesh Batchelor.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

mons royale terra lynn labadie

Model- Terra Lynn Labadie.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

mons royale terra lynn labadie

Model- Terra Lynn Labadie and Meesh Batchelor.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

mons royale meesh batchelor

Model- Meesh Batchelor.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

mons royale meesh batchelor
Model- Meesh Batchelor.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea


This last week has been filled up with all sorts. We finally got a massive storm in the south that has coated the peaks. Town has all of a sudden come alive, with people flocking in from all over for fresh snow.

Karl gave me a call the other day and asked if I was keen to go for a quick fly down the southern lakes which I couldn’t say no to on such a nice day.

Right- the road to Glenorchy . Above – deer feeding. Top – Karl flying

Friends of mine, Tim and Paula, got married on Saturday. I covered the photography side of things for their big day. It was right in one of the biggest storms of the year. It was raining and sleeting the whole day, which made things very challenging, but luckily a fellow photographer Miles Holden that does a lot of weddings around Queenstown suggested a few good locations for rainy days.

queenstown, weddings, vaughan, brookfield queenstown, weddings, vaughan, brookfield

Transfer hard cover just hit the shelf in Australia and should be distributed throughout NZ soon. Its definitely one of the best issues to come out. It’s so nice to have it bound in a hard cover and printed on quality paper. All the content is from NZ or Aus. I put a lot of work into this issue and cover the NZ team in the Photo Battle, the Fox Glacier story and have a few images in the photos of the year. Below are a few snaps of my work.

transfer snowboarding hard cover

transfer snowboarding hard cover transfer snowboarding hard cover

transfer snowboarding hard cover

Photoof the year, transfer snowboarding

Modelling time

Last week I spent some time shooting two models for Victoria Lindrea. We had a lot of fun and the girls did really well. All clothing was supplied by Angel Divine, and the styling and hair was done by Vic. Here are a few shots from the day. I hope you like what you see.

terra lynn labadie, victoria lindrea

Model- Terra Lynn Labadie.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

angel divine, gemma nilson, victoria lindrea

Model- Gemma Nilson. Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

terra lynn labadie, victoria lindrea

Model- Terra Lynn Labadie.  Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

angel divine, gemma nilson,

Model- Gemma Nilson. Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

angel divine, gemma nilson,

Models- Gemma Nilson and Terra Lynn Labadie . Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

angel divine, gemma nilson,

Model- Gemma Nilson and Terra Lynn Labadie . Stylist- Victoria Lindrea

Here are some more photos from the Victoria Lindrea shoot. Flick through the gallery below.

[nggallery id=16]

Queenstown and Publications

What an interesting few weeks. My main computer crashed so my work flow pretty much went to crap, I’m playing catch up now and getting back on to a lot of things. I have made the journey down to Queenstown and will be based here for a while. I have been busy shooting portraits the last few days and  I’m pretty happy with the way everything went. I will post something for you on my next blog. In the meantime here are a few other images from lately.

Every year I take my car across on the Cook Strait ferry to the South Island. It’s always a stunning drive and this time we had a few truck loads of cows coming across with us as they made their way to new homes on South Island farms for the start of the new farming year for dairy farmers. Pretty iconic really – cows in a boat on a rough crossing to the south.

I’m always thinking of new ways to create images that are eye catching. I’m also trying to find models that are willing to try out my whacky ideas.

The idea here was to simply pour a heap of milk over Heath’s head and shoot some close up portraits with a ring flash. Left – Heath about to pour some milk – the milk was really really cold and gave him icecream head aches each time. I felt bad but it was so freaking funny I couldn’t stop laughing the whole shoot.

There has been quite a few publications hit the shelves in the last few weeks with a bunch of work that I have done over the last few months. Below is a sneak peak, but you should really go pick up a copy. There isn’t anything better than seeing it on paper.

Soggy Bones, an Australian mag did an interview with me and profiled my work over ten pages. Super happy to get my work profiled. Go grab a copy or if you cant find one it should be free through this link shortly.

Also the second issue of Transfer for the season has hit the shelf. They have done a great job once again and this one comes with the GO SEEK movie DVD produced by Ben Ryan. I spent a lot of time with the Reason Films crew this last year and shot a bunch with them in the US. I have a 14 page photo essay in this issue from my journeys over around Minnesota and Silverton.

So I have a load of work on over the next three weeks and I’m really excited about all the new projects going on. I will do my best to do regular posts when I can. . Don’t forget to click on the Transfer link up further and vote for NZ in the poll. See you out there.

Portraiture and Flying High

RC Helicopters and a new desire to take amazing portraits – that is what has been driving me lately. I have recently returned from America after spending three and a half months shooting snowy adventures up and down the country. It was an amazing journey but I’m always a little burnt out after sleeping in over crowded motel rooms, 14 hour days shooting in the snow and driving for what seems like an eternity across the country.

Our last journey across the U.S was to a small mining town called Silverton, Colorado.  Dragon has a cabin deep in the mountain not far from the township. I took this time exposure of our cabin as the stars rolled over. Look out for the story and decent photographs in the next Transfer issue

My usual day-to-day life right now is a bit different. I get up, make a coffee, drink it, make another coffee, send out emails then seem to go into some kind of trance looking through amazing portraits from other professionals. Its been really inspiring me to capture people in their very different lives. I think you can really tell a lot about someone and the way they have lived by a portrait if it is composed correctly. I have a lot of ideas and it’s going to be something I spend a lot more time on. Get in contact if you’re keen to work with me on getting great portraits. I’m looking for motivated people to test my new ring flash on.

I took this shot of Jye on a trip we did to Minnesota in the States, steam billowing of his back after a hard night out hitting rails in the freezing temperatures. I can’t post any banger portraits as they’re tied up in editorial right now. They will be in print shortly.

But before I turn into some kind of over-enthusiastic portrait photographer nerd (pretty much am anyway) I’m also working on aerial film and photography. I now have a second larger RC heli that I built upwards from a 2 mm nut over a very time consuming week, and have now got a small hi def 1080p camera attached. I’m only in the testing stages and still have a lot more work before I can get a steady image with no vibration, as well as improving my flying skills.  But its looking like I will be using it for some work in the coming months.

The new 600 I built beside my 500. I’m really looking forward to getting some decent quality footage with this.

New Zealand Snowboarder has hit the shelf. I shot the cover with Nick Brown across the road from our base in Tahoe. I shot it with the intention of framing it for a cover format and the masthead background was the perfect feature. I’m pretty happy the way it came out.

Transfer #6 has also hit the shelf and they keep impressing, with 145 pages with content from all over the place. Check out the article on Round Hill that we did last winter. We really got the perfect New Zealand conditions that day.

I have made a few changes to the website, making it easier to navigate, a larger format, and made changes to the galleries, so please have a bit of a look around.

On the Search

Hi All, I’m still busy doing snow projects right now. It is coming to an end though. I’m in Tahoe and it’s really warming up. We have had highs of around 18 C the last few days. It does feel good to get some sun on my face, go for a shred at NorthStar and have a few beers on the deck at the end of a day. I can feel the summer rolling around the corner.

It’s been warm and the snow is melting away. I shot this drop with a macro - Nick Brown chilling on his sled through the droplet.

We went searching deep in Washington after the good zones and found some amazing stuff but the weather just didn’t let up for us and it was hard to be productive. We are expecting snow in Tahoe in a few days and it might be one of the last chances to get those perfect conditions.

Snowy peaks peering through the clouds in the misty Stevens Pass, Washington State.

Going deeper, Greg Roebuck on the search in some of Washington’s deepest.

Nick Hyne got an iPhone snap of me playing with my macro, we found these birds that are a lot smaller than the last ones that were game to grab food out of my hand.

This is the shot I got with the macro.

My camera bag dusted in snow on a freezing pavement. It can be quite a painful process shooting at 2am in -20 C but I still love getting the results. It’s fair to say that I’m pretty excited to get back into shooting other genres in some warmer climates though. I would like to be shooting more modelling this year.

Ben Ryan, the filmer-producer of the new Aus/NZ snowboard movie (Go Seek) in action. I have worked alongside Bugs a lot over the last three years. He is a pretty talented guy behind the camera and his productions speak for themselves.